Who is Jean-Claude Colin?

Jean-Claude Colin SM was the founder of the Marist Fathers – priests and brothers of the Society of Mary.

Born at the close of the 18th century in revolution-torn France, Jean-Claude was convinced that the Blessed Virgin wanted a group of men and women to do her work in the world at a time of turmoil and challenge. 

With this inspiration he forged the way for a new family of consecrated religious and of laity in the Church - the Marist family.

Under his leadership, as founder and father, Marist missionaries would proclaim Christ's message in Mary's gentle spirit 'on whatever distant shore' to which they were sent.

Today Marists throughout the world pray that Jean-Claude Colin will become better known and revered. As his Cause for Beatification is being introduced, they seek graces through his intercession for themselves and the people they serve.  



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