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... the shrine of Our Lady, Lyon, France. It is the site of the ancient Roman forum ('forum vetus') and overlooks the city of Lyon.

For centuries Fourvière has been -- and continues to be -- a place of pilgrimage where believers come to place their future in Mary's hands. It was to this shrine on the morning of Jul 23, 1816, that twelve young men came to pledge their commitment to form the Society of Mary. The Marist Family would be made up of several branches and so this place is of foundational significance to all Marists. In 2016 Marists will mark the bicentenary of the Fourvière pledge.

The images of Fourvière and its surroundings provide resources for use during the Fourvière Bicentenary Year, Jul 23, 2015-2016

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Saone River, Lyon, with Fourviere in the background





Colin countryside...

... selections of mostly rural scenes of the world into which Jean-Claude Colin was born, where he grew and worked to found the Society of Mary.


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Bugey countryside, near Contrevoz village where the pioneer Marists preached in the winter of Jan-Feb 1826




Le Puy

... the cathedral city where an original inspiration came to form the Society of Mary.

The young Jean-Claude Courveille, miraculously healed of near-blindness when praying before the image of the Madonna and Child, heard 'with the ears of the soul' a call from the Blessed Virgin to begin a new family in the Church. They would carry her name and be known as 'Marists'.    [return to top]

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Le Puy, France - detail of statue of Notre Dame de France overlooking the city.





Cerdon ...

 Next photos are a selection from the village and environs of Cerdon, memories from the beginnings of the Marist story, now (Aug to Oct) featuring the church, presbytery, village and surrounding countryside of Cerdon, France, at the northern end of the Bugey mountains.

It was to this parish that Jean-Claude Colin was first appointed in 1816 after his priestly ordination, as assistant to his older brother, Pierre.  Soon they would be joined by Jeanne-Marie Chavoin and the first Marist Sisters.     [return to top]

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Colin countryside: Cerdon, France - vineyards seen from the church and presbytery.