7 Rome -- and 'to whatever distant shore'

In 1830 Fr Colin was elected 'central superior' of the Marist groups of Lyon and Belley. In early 1833 Fr Colin made the first of five journeys to Rome to plead for approval of the Marist project and its later development. At first the curial authorities said 'No... a multi-branched society with one superior of priests, religious and lay alike. Monstrous!'

In 1836, the opportunity came. The mission-minded Pope Gregory XVI was looking for missionaries for the south-west Pacific -- and the Marists were suggested. When the word got to Jean-Claude Colin he said simply, 'We will do the work of Mary on whatever distant shore'.  And the priests' branch of the Society of Mary was approved.


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Rome - Church of the Twelve Apostles - Fr Colin stayed here on his first visit

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