8 The first professions -- and Pacific missions

The first professions of the priests and brothers of the Society of Mary took place in the chapel of La Capucinière, by now the residence of the Belley Marists. In this ceremony the group formally joined the Society by taking the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Reluctantly Fr Colin agreed to become the first superior-general of the new Marist institute.

Immediately after the first Marist profession Fr Colin set about preparing the pioneer mission band for Oceania. It would be led by Bishop Pompallier, newly-consecrated vicar apostolic of Western Oceania. Amongst the small but enthusiastic band of missionaries was the gentle Fr Peter Chanel, soon to become the first martyr of the Pacific.

After months of waiting for favourable winds the group left the French port of Le Havre on Christmas Eve of 1836.  Most would never see their homeland again.


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First Marist professions - La Capuciniere, facade

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