Resources for promoting the Beatification Cause of Fr Colin are accessible on these pages. Most may be downloaded for printing and distribution.

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  • To avoid alignment issues with PDF and other files:

After downloading a file, do not print directly from the web.
First, save the document or image on to your computer: right click on document or image, then 'save as' or 'save image as'.
Then print from your computer.
Exploring other print options may also be helpful.

  • Choice of paper

For single-sided resources, 80 gsm (basic copy paper weight) is satisfactory, unless extra quality is desired -- then use 100 gsm or heavier..
For double-sided resources, 100 gsm or heavier is needed for best results.


  • Cutting

A simple bench cutter or paper trimmer will be very helpful in making the best use of resources on this site.


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