Pilgrimage to Marist places


01-0713-pilg-book-1'Pilgrimage - a guide-book to places of Marist origins'

From Fr Craig Larkin SM this pilgrim's guide is an attractively-illustrated commentary on significant places of Marist origins in France.

The 160-page book includes sections on 'Route Colin', 'Route Chavoin' and 'Route Champagnat' as well as a useful selection of Marist texts, quotations and chronologies. Essential reading for Marist pilgrims.

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OFP-set-0217-1'Options for Pilgrims to places of Marist origins in France'

A companion to Fr Craig Larkin's Pilgrim Guide Book this series of four booklets is a practical resource for pilgrims to make their way around the Marist places.





1. The Marist Places

Location, short descriptions and guide map for the Marist places in France.
(20 pp, 940 Kb)

2. The Bugey Missions
Pictorial summaries of the twenty-seven parishes of the pioneer mission of 1825-1829.(32 pp, 2.6 Mb)

3. Tips for Marist Pilgrims
Places to stay, itinerary planning, travel tips, guide map, times and distances.
(20 pp, 890 Kb)

4. Pilgrimage to the Marist Places  -  9-day option

Suggested itinenary.
(20 pp, 910 Kb)

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(A4 pages formatted for double-sided A5 booklet printing and collation)