About the Cause


The Cause for Beatification of Jean-Claude Colin was first launched at the Marist Fathers' General Chapter of 1893.

In subsequent years it followed a chequered path. A series of postulators were appointed and worked at varying intensity on the matters at hand, with interruptions by two World Wars and the emerging need for systematic research on the sources of Marist history.

From the mid-1950s to the 1980s significant steps were taken through the labours of Frs Jean Coste and Gaston Lessard. The publication between 1957 and 1967 of four volumes of 'Origines Maristes' was followed by further work on the history of the Society and publications on Fr Colin, notably 'A Founder Speaks' (1975) and 'A Founder Acts' (1981).

A succession of courses in Marist Renewal in subsequent years featured more studies of Marist history and the part played by Fr Colin as Founder and Father of the Society of Mary.

Eventually in Rome at the General Chapter of Sep 2009 delegates asked the newly-elected Marist General Administration to further examine the matter of the Cause.

The following year at the Annual Review Consultation (Rome, Oct 2010), assembled provincials and district superiors voted in favour of pursuing the Cause anew.

In Jun 2011 the position of a new postulator was confirmed - Italian Marist and General Archivist, Fr Carlo-Maria Schianchi. (see 'Postulator and process')

On Nov 15, 2012, anniversary of the death of Jean-Claude Colin in 1875, this web site was launched. It seeks to alert the wider Marist world and the international Catholic faith community to the person of Jean-Claude Colin and his Cause for Beatification.

Visitors may reflect on the place of Jean-Claude Colin not only in the founding of the Society of Mary and the renewal of faith in post-Revolution France, but in the pioneer missions of Oceania and the spreading of Mary's gentle spirit to many peoples of the world.

As they come to know him better may they be moved to pray for special graces through his intercession...

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