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Marist Way for laity

Preparing for a Marist Laity gathering at Bexley, NSW, Australia, Fr Paul Mahony SM used one of the many resources available on the Colin web site: www.jeanclaudecolin.org.0217-PMahony-1-SM-leaflets

He is pictured folding copies of the 'Marist Way' leaflet, containing many of themes from Fr Colin compiled by Fr Fran├žois Drouilly SM. The leaflet is available in five languages.

More on the Marist way and to download leaflets, click here








0217-PMahony-3 DL-Marist-Way-EN-2-outside


0217-PMahony-4 DL-Marist-Way-EN-3-inside


0217-PMahony-5 DL-Marist-Way-group

Feb 13, 2017