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Nine-day pilgrimage

A fourth booklet has been added to the 'Options for Pilgrims' series, offering a nine-day itinerary for visitors to the places of Marist origins in France.OFP-04-cover

The 20-page resource suggests a practical schedule for nine days of visiting, with accommodation bases at La Neylière and Belley. 

The booklet was trialled late in 2016 by the Australian 'Marist Charism & Culture' group and is a complement to the first three in the series:

1. The Marist Places
summaries and guide map

2. The Bugey Missions
pictorial summaries of the 27 parishes of the pioneer missions of 1825-29

3. Tips for Marist Pilgrims
places to stay, itinerary planning, travel tips, guide map, times and distances


The 'Options' series' four booklets are downloadable from the Resources/Pilgrimage page of this web site... or click here to go directly to the new '9-day option' booklet.




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Feb 20, 2017