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Smiles from Yaoundé for March anniversary

Coincidentally, on Mar 09, our webmaster received a smiling photo from the community of St Peter Chanel, Yaoundé, Cameroon, each holding their copy of the 2017 Colin Calendar.

This date (highlighted in the Colin Calendar) is the 195th anniversary of a short but important letter being sent from Rome by Pope Pius VII to the aspiring members of the Society of Mary in Cerdon, France.0317-Yaounde-1-cty-c-calend

Known as a 'Brief of Praise', the letter gave initial encouragement to the Marist project, outlining the further steps necessary before official approval could be given.

It was signed on behalf of the Pope by Monsignor (later Cardinal) Raphael Mazio, secretary of the 'Latin Letters' whence such documents were sent.

To test your Latin and read the 'Brief of Praise': click here

2017 Colin Calendars have been sent to the members of all Marist formation communities worldwide. Produced in four languages (English,Spanish, French and Portuguese), they include a number of significant Marist dates. Mar 09 is one of them.

 0317-Pope-Pius vii engraved0317-PopePius-VII-GA-docs-3

Above: Pope Pius VII and the 'Brief of Praise'.
Below: Detail of the Colin calendar's special dates... 





0317-Yaounde-5c-cty-c-calen 0317-Yaounde-cty-c-calendar








Mar 09, 2017