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Lessard booklet

SM Bulletin (Rome) reports: "At the request of the Superior General Fr Gaston Lessard SM from the province of Canada has written a booklet on Fr Colin, 'Who is Jean-Claude Colin for me?'

"The booklet is now being printed in English, French and Spanish and will be distributed to all Marists before Easter."0417-Lessard-1a

 Fr Gaston writes:

"Jean-Claude Colin has been my companion for the last sixty years.

"I single out three moments in this long fellowship. The first is the summer of 1956, which I spent with Jean Coste as we visited the places where Colin had lived.

"The second came soon after: I spent two years indexing the Mayet Memoirs.

"The third came much later and lasted longer: it is the time I spent editing the letters that Colin wrote until the end of his life."






To hear Fr Gaston's talks on the Cause of Fr Colin, click here: English | French








Apr 03, 2017