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Chronology of Cause

 A 'Chronology of the Cause for Beatification of Jean-Claude Colin' is now available.

The 12-page booklet (in English only) was offered to the members of the General Chapter of 2017 and covers the period 1875 to 2017.

A second booklet, 'Selected Comments from Fr Jean Coste', comprises:

  • A response to the four objections to Fr Colin's Cause
    (1993 general chapter)

  • Final remarks
    (1993 general chapter)

  • Speaking to Fr Colin
    (1990 bicentenary)
Click to download: 'Chronology of the Cause for Beatification of Jean-Claude Colin'   |   'Selected Comments of Fr Jean Coste' 
The Chronology's open format enables the reader to follow the Cause's chequered history since the General Chapter of 1893.  Also included are images of key figures in the Cause's history.

See also 'About the Cause' on this web site

Oct 04, 2017